I’m a teacher!

Okay, so I have been a teacher for a while. But now I have teaching experience. Totally different…maybe. Days 1 and  2 are under my belt and I feel….good. Happy. Still nervous. 

I probably still look like a chicken running around with it’s head cut off during the school day, but inside I feel good. I’ve had so much fun with these kids (5th grade students) and I can only hope this feeling lasts. I feel in control of my classroom and the kids, but I also know that they are having fun with me most of the time and they are working hard on all the assessments I’ve had to throw at them this first week. Tomorrow we finally start normal English, and the next day we (hopefully) start normal math. I cannot wait to get into a routine. We started a read aloud book, Rowan of Rin, which I read to 6th grade students last year during student teaching. I think my kids will love it–they voted to read it!

Highlights: seeing kids write “my new teacher” on the board of things they’re thankful for. Laughing with the kids over my name change come January. Eating lunch with other teachers. Trying to memorize names of the other 5th graders not in my class, and often using goofy mnemonic devices. 


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