A Prayer for Strength


I can do so much. Make a paper turkey. Love my man. Type a story. Design a unit around informational (AKA persuasive or opinion) writing. Love 60 kids like they are my own. Sit in a bus that is as loud as a cannon. Stay awake during the symphony. Stay warm in the cold. Make pasta. Casseroles. Cut vegetables. Bake brownies. Plan a wedding. Keep track of 5 email accounts, 2 bank accounts, 500(ish) passwords. Get along with 2 families, both from a distance and yet in 2 different states. Dress appropriately (again ish). Talk with the most Christian of Christians and discuss alcohol with naysayers for hours. I can type at 125 words per minute, pray as I write, write poems, teach poetry. I’m tired.

Lord, I need rest. Rest from the chaos. But I’m not sure I will get rest away from chaos. I must seek peace in the storm. Seek rest in the chaos. I must try. I must keep going but also allow for much needed mental sabbath as well as physical.

Did I mention consoling the kid almost as tall as me who threw up all over my classroom and needed his mom? Ya, I can do that, too, without batting an eye.

God, give me strength, so that I can seek peace. I would ask you to give me peace, but that’s not yours to give anymore. You always offer it, if only I run to your arms. So give me the strength to get there.

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