Wife or Servant? Some thoughts.

nathan panda shirt

By 8 am today I was fighting tears. And then at 5 o’clock I cracked. And Nathan came. And he helped. And I can’t even tell you how much I love him because it is beyond the words that I have. The only things that come to mind are cheesy as can be.

Like he’s my other half. And his love is a drug.

Like I said, cheesy.

24 days, folks, till I take on that little word with a lot of meaning–wife. Or, as Nathan might call it–servant 🙂 Ha, he wouldn’t mean it. But really, a servant. I commit to a life of serving this one other person who also commits to serving me, and together we serve others. It’s a big commitment. I’m pumped.

And also stressed. I recognize that worry and trust do not co-exist well, but I’m trying to trust God and I continue to worry about all that needs to be done. It’s never-ending. Even after the wedding there is the process of changing addresses, email addresses, insurance information, my name, bank accounts, and a plethora of other things.


Just some thoughts…

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2 Responses to Wife or Servant? Some thoughts.

  1. Don’t stress about the changes…
    1. Change address on U.S.P.S. Make sure you put your new name.
    2. Make an appointment at SSC office. Bring marriage certificate, current social, and passport.
    3. Wait 5-7 days for new social security card to be mailed to you.
    4. Go to DMV and bring:
    2 pieces of address certification: electric bill, entire envelope that SSC came in, bank statement,
    new social security card
    marriage certificate
    birth certificate
    old license
    5. Go to bank with:
    your NEW social security card
    your NEW license
    your NEW husband
    6. To change forms at work, all you need to bring in is your marriage certificate.
    7. If your passport is recent enough, you won’t need to pay extra. Otherwise, there is a special form
    –> Those are the most stressful of the changes. The wedding will be beautiful. Best wishes. 🙂

  2. Lee van Wyhe says:

    just like your mother…remember that the most important thing is that the two of you are making a permanent commitment to each other. All you need for the wedding is a pastor and two witnesses and your commitment to each other. All the other is just fluff. It’s important but not that much.

    Twenty years from now, the details won’t matter. Enjoy the anticipation and build up to the big day and don’t let the details take away even a small part of that excitement!

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