Responses to the Protests–written by 5th grade students

I think these responses are very similar to the responses many adults have–students are confused, students want to defend the police, students want to say that all should be treated fairly, etc.

“It doesn’t matter what color skin black or white .

God didn’t want this

and people know that, but sometime they just forget.”

“I think that the police just got a little out hand thats what I think b/c people are all mad.BUT the people are just stating their opinion.But why are they stating their opinion just keep it to themselves. Thats why all this protesting is about.So if your involved just stop its not fun or good to do.”

“I think that black people should be treated equal. This reminded me of Martin Luther King Junior when he protested. Did the officer say that if Michael would have been white then he would not of shot him? Is the police officer lying to people to be a good reputation? Does the police officers family think that it was right for him to shoot Michael? Does Michael’s parents think that he should be shot because of what he did? I want to find out more about this article.”

“I don’t really care about the protest. I don’t really care about why the officer shot Michel Brown. All I would do is forget about.”

“I think that the officer should be punish because of murder and that we should have a new act that black people should be treated fairly and that the officer should be fired.”

“Why did the police shoot Brown? Was it because he was black? Was it because he did something bad? Who knows.”

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