Superbowl XLIX

I heard next year they are ditching the Roman Numerals because Superbowl L just looks dumb.

The Superbowl is admittedly my 5th grade students’ only point of reference when I talk to them about Roman Numerals. Hmm.

I asked the kids what they thought of Sunday, if they watched the game. The following is a sample of their responses, followed by my own.

“I didn’t really care who won but I knew that I had to watch it because everyone at school would be talking about it…I am being very critical about this but I shall go on. I didn’t watch the commercials but I bet they were funny. When the commercials came, that was my snack, bathroom, and my drink break.”

“The Super Bowl was awesome for me because I loved the commercials…One of my favorite commercials was the Bud Light one where the guy gets to be Pacman in a giant version of Pacman.”

“The funniest commercial was when this kid wanted some doritos and the guy wouldn’t let him so the guy told the kid he could have them when pigs fly and the kid made a jetpack and the pig flew so the kid got all of the doritos.”

“Richard Sherman CRIED at the end of the game poor sportsmanship :(”

“Then I noticed the countdown of of 4rth quarter 10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1 I started screaming like YES YES BEAT SEAHAWKS. CHAMPIONS PATRIOTS YES!!! I slept good overnight.”

“The super bowl is a big, big, big, big, big, big game.”

“The super bowl was awwwwwwwsome because the Patriots won, KARMA BABY!!!!!!!!!!!”

“I think that the end was a little weird cause when they were getting ready to throw the ball they got in a huge fist fight.”

“The Super Bowl was exciting! My mom was saying stuff like “Oh come on you should have caught that.”

“To me the Patriots are kinda like the Chargers, annoying to watch and kinda cocky sometimes.”

Personally, I think the SuperBowl is fun to watch because it is a cultural phenomenon! It was the most watched show in history, if the TV speaks the truth, and a great point of reference for classroom conversation. What I don’t appreciate are the stories that 16 teens were rescued from sex trafficking and dozens of pimps were arrested. Big games like this always increase the numbers of people trafficked, and I wish we could have the excitement without the terror of trafficking.

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