“Big Picture Next Year”

“Big Picture Next Year” is the note I have on evernote (my school notebook) that I have added to most often these past 2 weeks. Here are some of my plans about what needs to be added (lots of routines that are rough this year) and what should remain the same! I’m excited for another chance to improve my classroom environment for the kiddos.  Let me know if you have ideas on any of these.

Class mottos:

We work through and welcome challenges.

We always have a book with us—we are readers! We read whenever we have time to.

This isn’t a class where being smart or not smart matters. This is a class where working hard and doing your best matters. (tied to research on growth and fixed mindsets)

Our job is to be students. Things happen, we get busy, and we can’t always get our work done. But because it is our job, we better figure out a way to still get it done or ask the teacher for help during our time (recess, etc.).

Class routines:

BathroomUnknown sign language—keep my system (My kids don’t ask to go to the bathroom, they just show me a designated hand sign. It saves a lot of interruptions.)

Computers/IPads—you must finish the assignment itself (the required writing) before changing fonts, colors, themes, etc. in google/word/etc. This has been a huge issue in my one to one 5th grade classroom! An assignment outline done on a beautiful powerpoint, but with only 1/3 of the writing done…this is not okay.

HW policy—Not done? 1 warning
—Next day still not done? In from all recess to work
—2 days late or more? Stay after school, students will have to talk to parents to arrange a ride.

Morning routine
Monday book talk (book of the week at 8:20)
Tuesday thankful talk—what are we thankful for? (we display these on post-its on the wall year-round. I love our “attitude of gratitude” wall.)
Wednesday writing—write something! (an idea on the board)
Thursday math mayhem—math bell ringer
Friday free read—read when you get here!
(I want to prepare a morning binder for each student that has a section for each day.)

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One Response to “Big Picture Next Year”

  1. These all sounds like great ideas, especially the bathroom sign language! Way to be planning ahead already. 🙂

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