Click Errands

Sometimes I am shocked when I think about all the websites I use in a day, in a week, in a month, in a year. Here is a poem, or list…we’ll see what it is…showing just how many accounts a teacher, former college student, writer, and avid reader possesses.

There are the dailies

CommonCurriculum and Evernote for planning, my go-to at 7:30

That’s AM weekdays, PM Sundays

My google drive, calendar, mail.

Did I mention the 5 email accounts?

And don’t forget Facebook, my weak spot.

These pull me like a magnet.


Then there are the “most day” accounts, websites

Brightloop, for tracking notes on kids.

“What book are you reading? ”

Is my time spent better talking to your face

or to the Brightloop screen?

“It’s good data” they said.

“It’s easy to record” I said.

And don’t forget Frontow, Sumdog, Prodigy for math

JMC, Renaissance Place for grades

Online banking (that’s personal)

and Goodreads, my own library.

All my most-day errands, done with a few clicks. Lots of clicks.

Well, there’s another category. The “often enough” category.

Visited once a week or once a year, but often enough to remember the passwords.–to save the info

superteachertools–my seating chart and group randomizer

Remind101–for parent communication

Fedloan and Nelnet–so the government doesn’t come knocking on my door for loans past due

Go Math–to stay on top of the curriculum

Teacherspayteachers, or “I pay teachers”; pinterest; twitter–for ideas.

Kahoot, plickers, edublogs, wordpress, blabberize, Progressive (with Flo!), MackinVia, Discover, Scholastic, NewsELA, Youngzine, Weebly, Premier, Edmodo (that’s like facebook for classes!)…the list goes on and on.

And I’m supposed to keep my school computer for school stuff only. As if when running “click of a button” errands we want to switch clickers in the middle.,,,,–to feed my book buying habit, mostly.

And For the wedding registries of my getting-married-20-something friends.

Click errands

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