6 Lessons I’ve Learned About Being a Coach’s Wife

The Sexes are having a great summer. We are almost at our 6 month anniversary (June 27) and we’ve finished up year 1 of teaching. I’m teaching summer school most mornings and my husband coaches Junior High baseball. This is my first summer as a coach’s wife, and Coachs-wife-survival-guideit’s quite the learning curve for me. I was the child who read books through all her brother’s games and never wore a baseball/softball uniform. So if you are like me, and need some advice, here’s what I’ve gathered…

Lessons I’ve Learned About Being a Coach’s Wife:
1. The dugout is sacred. Just stay out….or wait till coach is watching 3rd base and no one notices so you can sneak in and use your husband’s sunscreen.
2. Feel free to give advice and yell and shout to the kids/coaches/umps…but no one on the field actually hears you.
3. When there isn’t a scoreboard up and running, use rocks. They are always available, eco-friendly, and work just as well to keep track of outs, innings, runs, strikes, and balls. You may get some strange looks, but others will appreciate knowing the score, too.
4. Introduce yourself right away…or you may be mistaken for the coach’s younger sister, the mother of one of the 12 year old kids on the field, or the “girl who follows around the team.”
5. Be ready to hear all the gossip. Want to know whose parents are divorced? Whose kids have always had a terrible attitude? The stands are the place for it all.
6. Don’t fall asleep while watching the game, it’s embarrassing for everyone. Not that I know what that’s like…

Hope this guide helps you! Or perhaps just gives you a glimpse into my life 🙂

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