Why do fish swim?

“A fish doesn’t swim to do fishy things, or because that is it’s job, or because he thinks he is supposed to…he swims because he is a fish.”

I came across this quote (I paraphrased it) in a weekly gospel class our church has been hosting this summer. This might not sound anything like the gospel, but hear me out.

As I think about my “Christian life,” I think about how much I should be praying, reading the Word, sharing my faith, making disciples, etc. and this all feels like a burden, like something on my to-do list. I know that these things bring me joy and peace, but they are still on the list for stuff to do.

But if my identity is found in Jesus Christ, and His Spirit dwells in me, and I am part of his family–I would be praying! I want to pray because I’m God’s family, and that’s what families do–talk. They don’t talk because they should, but because they are families. Their actions flow out of their identity. 

A few words from a prayer journal last night: “Help me to embrace and believe with all of me that my identity is in you. I’m a fish, so I swim. It’s not a burden or something I should do later–It’s who I am. May my identity lead to action…I want to be yours, Lord. Am I yours? I don’t swim very often, how could I be a fish? I think about swimming, but it feels like a burden. Make me a fish, that I might swim. Make me yours, that I might pray, encourage, and make disciples.”

Don’t get my wrong, I don’t actually want to be a fish and learn to swim. Hopefully you understand the analogy here 🙂 It really changed the way I look at my “Christian life.”

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