Filled to the brim with hopes, hopes overflowing into prayers

Any other teachers feeling stressed? It’s not the bulletin boards being imperfect or the fact that a few of my posters may fall down due to humidity, it’s the fact that I have been given a lot of responsibility. A class of students who can become confident readers over the course of the next year, or who can end the year with only minimal gains compared to day 1. There are so many resources available–will I choose the ones that allow the most time to work with students? Will the technology allow me to do things that weren’t possible a year ago? Will the technology get in the way of my relationships with students? What are the real goals–strong student leaders or strong students readers? Obviously both, but I may not be able to focus on both. And when in the world am I supposed to have time to develop that fluency binder I want so badly?

I have so many dreams for the year, and know they won’t all come true, but at this point I’m feeling filled to the brim with hopes. And these hopes overflow into prayers. Prayers that my students’ FAST scores go straight up to the moon. Prayers that my students’ trust in me never wavers. Prayers that I would have the patience to listen–really listen–to each kid who walks in my door. Prayers that I would be wise beyond my years, and overcome challenges related to my weaknesses, my limited experiences, and more. Prayers for words to say that would express to my students just how much I care about them, and how much they need faith in one who is greater than me–or the principal–or even their parents. Prayers for relationship with colleagues to flourish, and not become negative. Prayers that I can always beeeee positive!

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