First of all, I definitely had to look up how to spell Leviticus. Not a book of the bible I write or talk about a lot!

But I’m reading it. I posted last month about reading through the bible this year with the Read Scripture app and finishing Genesis. Now I’ve also finished Exodus and am in the middle of Leviticus. I won’t lie and tell you that it’s been fun or thrilling or life changing to read through the laws and rituals the Lord gave to the Israelites, but the process of reading it almost daily has been life giving.

Like in college, when I went to chapel 3 times a week–each individual chapel wasn’t that exciting, but the process of regularly inclining my ears to God and listening to his Word and listening for his truth is so good. It’s life-giving. It’s refreshing. It makes me feel good, not the “I’m doing what I’m supposed to” good. It’s more like the “my soul needs this and I’ve been starving it” good or the “I’m starting to remember what God is like” good.

All this to say, a few things I’ve been reminded of as I read Exodus and Leviticus include…

  1. God knows what he wants. He is a jealous God and he expects perfection.
  2. We are stupid. We are so far rom perfect, and even though we all say that we want to follow God, we don’t. Generally this disobedience begins as soon as it gets tough to obey.
  3. It’s OKAY that God expects perfection and we are imperfect, because God has made a way for us to be saved. He extends his arms to us, when he doesn’t have to, and gives us a way. For the Israelites, it’s through ritual sacrifices, and for us, it’s through Jesus’ atoning sacrifice.
  4. Sin leads to destruction and does have consequences. People die from entering God’s presence in the tabernacle when they are unclean/impure.
  5. God’s story is just that–a story with rising action, conflict, climax, etc. I’m reading a lot of conflicts and seeing a lot of rising action now, but I know what the climax is–Jesus. The One who changes everything.
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