1 & 2 Samuel

It’s April now, and baby will likely be here in 2 short months. I am proud of myself for sticking with the bible reading plan for the first 1/4 of the year of 2017, and I hope to be able to continue even after this little one joins the outside world.  I’ve just finished the books of 1 and 2 Samuel, and re-reading this story of Samuel, Saul, and David was a great reminder of our humanity. These characters each sin, sometimes in ways that seem almost unintentional. Like when Saul doesn’t slaughter all the people and animals he is supposed to but saves some of the animals to offer as sacrifices to the Lord. This seems like a good thing to do, but it wasn’t what God commanded. This disobedience was not acceptable to the LORD, even if he had what I might call good intentions.

Take away: My good intentions are not the point. God demands obedience.

The other important character in the story is the people of Israel. They desire a king, not trusting that God is enough for them, not trusting that they could be different than other nations. As a result of this lack of trust, they end up with kings that are far from perfect. Even the great King David makes some terrible mistakes. But through it all, the story is pointing to Jesus–the coming PERFECT king, the king that will come from David’s line.

Take away: When we don’t trust God or when we lack belief in who He is, we end up relying on earthly things that cannot fulfill the true desires of our hearts. We trust in our family, our bank account, our abilities, our political leaders…but these things are all not enough. And these things can all fade away. The KING, Jesus, is the real hero of our story, of our lives. And he is the hero of this great story that I’m reading called the Bible.

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