Our church community is going through a training for 8 weeks this summer, and it involves daily “assignments” of reading, praying, answering questions, and more. Why do I say this? Because it means that this is taking up my time instead of the Bible Project’s ReadScripture app. I went through May 16th (the end of Micah, and through Psalm 131), and now I’ve decided that rather than rush through this and rush through the Saturate training, I will focus on Saturate until it is through and until baby arrives, then later in the summer I hope to resume the scripture reading.

So what am I learning in the Saturate training? The first week was all about the Gospel, and the fact that the essence of the gospel is about us having been saved, our continual saving, and the fact that we will be saved. Some Christians I know would argue that we have been saved, and that is it. There is no ongoing sanctification or future saving, but the more we dig into scripture the more it seems that salvation is all 3 of these things.

This second week of Saturate has been about discipleship–discipling individuals, discipling in community, and discipling on mission. As much as I think I know about discipleship as a concept, I found myself praying earnestly yesterday for a picture from God of what these different forms of discipleship look like in my life! I think I knew what they looked like 5 years ago in college, but now I’m not so sure.

What does it look like to speak truth into my husband’s life?

How do I use my role as a mom to be a disciple? Or does being a new mom keep me from discipling somehow?

How can I be a disciple on mission in my workplace, both with my students and with fellow teachers?

How does our Gospel Community (small group) disciple each other and others?

Does discipling in a missional way look like Nathan, I, or both of us traveling elsewhere? Or is our calling to just be missional where we are right now?

…just my thoughts on this latest biblical study…

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