6 weeks old and the books of Esther and Daniel

Because my son turns 6 weeks old today, and because I’ve finished another 2 books of Scripture, I am writing. These things would be better off written about separately, but due to the nature of life as a mother of an infant, I probably only have time for 1 post! So here goes…

Being a mother…

  • is still overwhelming many days
  • is still surreal to me (I often feel like I’m babysitting or that this will end soon. But I know in my head that this is the new normal!)
  • is still exhausting, though I think I’m handling the nights better (most days) than I used to.
  • is exciting. Our son is so adorable (everyone says so)! And as he is awake more during the day, I’m starting to see hints of his personality. I love telling people things I know about him that others wouldn’t. Like the fact that he likes to sleep with his hands by his face, or the fact that he hates a wet diaper but doesn’t get bothered much by dirty diapers, or the fact that he tends to stop crying when you hold him sitting upright in your lap. I love that I know these things about him that others don’t. That makes me feel like a parent.
  • gives me lots of time to read on my phone while I’m nursing…which leads me to my latest notes on scripture reading

Observations from reading the books of Esther and Daniel

  • I just started reading scripture again, after taking a month off after Charles was born. I could have read scripture during this time, but I didn’t prioritize it. I’m not proud of this fact, but it’s the truth.
  • I know that emotionally I desperately need to be grounded in the Word and in Truth during this crazy season of life, and in all seasons really.
  • Reading Esther was an easy way to jump back in…it was the next book in the Read Scripture app that I’m using but it’s also a book I’m very familiar with. I’ve read it and studied it numerous times.
  • Esther is unique because it doesn’t mention God, but that makes it more like “real life,” I think. In my day to day encounters, I often speak about being “blessed” or “thankful” or I say things like, “There must be a reason for this,” or “It will all work out.” All of these phrases point to our Lord and his reality in our daily lives, even when we don’t say “blessed by God” or “God must have a reason for this.” It’s implied. I should probably speak more clearly in everyday life about God’s role in it, but many times we don’t. Still, our words and thoughts should point to Him. And we should strive to see the ways that he’s working in our lives even when it isn’t obvious.
  • Esther is brave! I love that about her character. I also love how obedient and loyal she seems to Mordecai, her relative.
  • Daniel is half-easy and half-difficult to read. The first half is filled with stories I know–Daniel and the lion’s den, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego surviving the fiery furnace, etc. The second half is a lot of dreams and visions of the kings and Daniel that I find really challenging. If I have time and motivation, I’d like to look more into these chapters to try to understand them better. For now, I know that Daniel was listening to the Lord and the Lord blessed him for his faithfulness.
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