Hello! My name is Kiersten. “Kiersten” is a variant of “Christine,” which is a variant of “Christian” which really means “Christ follower,” “anointed one”…you get the idea. This is important to know because I am a Christ follower in every sense of the word. I love my father in heaven, His son my savior, and His Holy Spirit, my counselor. I live to glorify Him.

I graduated from a small Christian college in Orange City, Iowa, in 2014. I grew up in Iowa, but feel that home is no longer in just one place. I am a 5th grade teacher and a wannabe librarian. I have this really awesome husband. His name is Mr. Sexe and he teaches, too.

I use this blog for any thoughts, but in the past have also used it for those back home who are interested in how I’m doing while I’m traveling. I spent 3 weeks in Austria in the summer of 2012 on a summer study abroad, 10 days in Cuba in March of 2013 doing music ministry, and 8 weeks in Greece in the summer of 2013 doing mission work with Greek Bible College.


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