Because I love to read, I’m creating a page of books. We’ll see what it turns into…

Reading now: 

 15823480 Book Cover - The One and Only Ivan

Read recently: Searching for Sunday (Rachel Held Evans)

511Xwfec5PLOne Thousand Gifts (Ann Voskamp)imagesI9O6A5QO


The Running Dream (Van Draanen)


Unexpected Gifts (Chris Heuretz)

The Help (the book the movie is based on–I recommend it)

Irises by Francisco Stork. I really like Stork and his writing. Check it out (but first read Marcelo in the Real World)

Lots of books by Brennan Manning–I finally gave up on Ruthless Trust but I then read All is Grace and loved it.


 The Brothers Karamazov. Reading this book is a spiritual and philosophical experience. If you find the time, do it. But I’m warning you, it’s rather long.



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